The Chevreuse Valley

The Chevreuse Valley

Rich heritage and beautiful landscapes

Access to the Rambouillet forest and the beautyful Haute Vallée de Chevreuse nature park by this path directly outside the hamlet

9 suggestions for activities in the Chevreuse Valley

Parc Naturel Régional de la Haute Vallée de Chevreuse
Hike in the forest to climb the rocks, pick up some chestnuts, discover an ancient wash house on the Yvette and an old sandstone quarry of the Paris paving stones
Wander in the town of Chevreuse among the old millstone houses, the cobbled squares, the small bridges and wash houses along the Yvette; admire the panorama from the feudal castle of La Madeleine
Château de Versailles
Visit the Palace of Versailles, with its Hall of Mirrors, the King's flats, the French gardens and enjoy the play of its fabulous fountains
Cycling through the beautiful villages of the Chevreuse valley and the famous côte des 17 tournants
Cycling through the beautiful roads and authentic villages of the Chevreuse valley, climbing the 'côte des 17 tournants', a must-do often used by the Tour de France
France miniature
Visit 'France miniature', with its 117 1/30th scale monuments set in a 5-hectare park and its 9 attractions for young and old
Zoosafari Thoiry
Picnic at the Thoiry zoosafari among the 1,400 animals of 150 species in semi-liberty and continue by visiting the castle
Balade équestre Forêt de Rambouillet
Discover horseback riding or go for a horse ride in the Rambouillet forest
Jardinerie de Chevreuse pour vos achats de produits locaux
Buy local plants and products at the garden centre in Chevreuse
Vitraux Cathédrale de Chartres
Admire the stained glass windows of Chartres cathedral

Heritage in the region

The Chevreuse Valley has long attracted interest, as evidenced by the numerous prehistoric, Celtic and Gallo-Roman archaeological sites.

Since the Middle Ages, lords, princes and then great families have established large estates here, thus constituting an exceptional historical heritage near the royal estates of Versailles and Rambouillet, consisting of châteaux, manors, parks and gardens, hunting estates, churches and chapels, mills and farms.   

In the 19th century, quarries were developed to supply the sandstone paving stones for the streets of Paris. 

The villages with their old millstone walls, small bucolic churches, washhouses and fountains are a delight for walkers. 

Royal estates

Versailles & Rambouillet


Port-Royal, Vaux de Cernay & Notre-Dame de la Roche



Castles and parks

Dampierre, La Madeleine, Mauvières, Breteuil, Groussay, Saint-Jean-de-Beauregard, Thoiry, Courson…

Picturesque villages

Chevreuse, Montfort-l’Amaury, Rochefort-en-Yvelines…


Saint-Lambert-des-bois, Magny-Les-Hameaux, Skit du Saint-Esprit…

Nature and landscape

The Manor is located at the end of a rural road used only by the inhabitants of the hamlet as well as by hikers, runners and cyclists to get to the forest.

From the manor house, you can directly access the footpaths that lead to the forest and discover the famous and colourful landscapes of the ‘Haute Vallée de Chevreuse’, preserved by the natural park.

You will find forest massifs and steep valleys in various shades of green and orange in autumn, brightly coloured agricultural plateaus with fields of oilseed rape and wheat dotted with poppies, rivers and streams in varying shades of blue flowing below. You may well come across a deer, hinds or pheasants on your way, so keep an eye out for them!

Nearby leisure activities

The region also offers a wide range of leisure activities for relaxation, sport and fun with family and friends


There are many short walks in the nature park, of different sizes and routes, signposted and documented


You will come across groups of cyclists on the many tours organised in this land of cycling and mountain biking


Your stay can be an opportunity to learn to ride a horse or to go for a ride with one of the nearby riding schools

Playing golf

Practice this sport at the French National Golf Club or at those of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Saint-Aubin...


Meet 1,400 animals of 150 species in semi-freedom at Thoiry during a car safari and a walking tour

France Miniature

Take a one-day tour of 117 French monuments reproduced at 1/30th in a park of 5 hectares and enjoy the park's 9 attractions

Leisure centres

Enjoy various water sports (sailing, canoeing, paddling, etc.) and leisure activities (tree climbing, mini-golf, etc.) in the 2 nearby leisure centres


Play on one of the 2 indoor and 7 outdoor courts of the Mesnil-Saint-Denis tennis club